Episode #5 - “Can You Smoke Too Much Weed?”

An age old topic that’s been argued by many a stoner… Can you smoke too much weed?

This quickly turns into not so much of a question of can you… but more one of, why would you?

Is there a TRUE correct amount of weed that we should be smoking every day?

Episode #4 - “Weed Channels Explained”

A HUGE community built around smoking weed on the internet... Something i've been very lucky to be a part of since 2012. Watching this community rise up and grow to relevancy has been a phenomenal journey.

Let's lift back the veil a bit on Youtube weed channels and talk about one of the highest communities on the web.

Episode #3 - Is High Driving BAD?

The fact that people in the cannabis community keep echoeing the sentiment “high driving is safe” MIGHT be SOMEWHAT true, but by telling new consumers & kids this, it’ll put them into a terrible situation. Lets dive deeper into this topic!

I also discuss responding to comments as a Youtuber, and the ins and outs of the Washington State legal cannabis system.

Episode #2 - Mental Health in America

Cannabis use and mental health struggles go hand in hand… That’s a saying many users hate & the opposition loves, and it’s true… BUT this is due to mentally ill people searching for whatever means of self medication they can find, NOT the substance itself.

We need to be honest though, those that are struggling with mental illness need to be careful with their consumption, as it may worsen if you aren’t careful & responsible.

Episode #1 - Cannabis Culture

I LOVE cannabis, and have been a part of (maybe even helped shape) this wonderful community & all of the culture that exists within it.

“Culture” is VERY important, as it’s usually how the world split second perceives many different things. Let’s talk about how we can exist a bit more peacefully with society & make sure we aren’t ruining this for generations to come.