StrainCentral is a community of cannabis users that aims to come together to share our cannabis knowledge, spread positive vibes, and actively work to break "stoner" stereotypes! 

That big beard behind the camera, is Joshua Young. A 23 year old cannabis activist from Washington State.

From 2014-2018, our community built up a Youtube channel of almost 500,000 subscribers, amassed 66+ Million video views, and uploaded 725+ videos to the platform... Until Yet again, as it sadly seems we're so used to in this industry, Youtube decided to ban the channel (*twice) with ZERO explanation.

Now we move forward! I've been wanting to make my own website for years, so out of necessity was birthed innovation. 

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It's NORMAL to smoke cannabis. We need to show society through ACTION that cannabis users are ordinary people like themselves. Responsible cannabis use should NEVER be stigmatized... so lets be a part of the change!