TAG Beaker - $89.99

I've been using TAG tubes for years now. Earlier this year I got to help 3D design my own custom glass line, so my first priority? A functional flower beaker that RIPS for under $100! :P

420Science Jars - $20.99

This is only one of MANY jars in the 420Science x StrainCentral collection! From clear jars with pop tops, to UV protectant jars like the own shown. They've got my face on a jar of every size :P

Use code "StrainCentral" for 10% off your order!

Hemper Collab - $59.99

The guys over at Hemper came through with the HEAT for this April 2018 box! Over $100 worth of smoking accessories for almost half the price! If you're subscribed monthly though... THESE ARE ONLY $30

SCG Sherlock - $24.99

Do you have any mysterys to solve over the next few weeks? I decided to make this Sherlock for those that liked something a bit more simple! Portable, sturdy, and a HUGE bowl for those that like to sit back and puff on a pipe.

TAG Matrix - $84.99

I designed this piece after one of the first bongs I ever owned back in 2011, called the "Pirelli". Hitting this for the first time had me high like I was 17 again. A great piece for both flower and oil!

SCG 14mm Bowl - $9.99

There's two things I hate about tradiional bong bowls.. Burning myself trying to pull it, and the clogging from small holes.. So I made a simple bowl witrh a fat (hard to break) handle, and a big ol' bowl hole!