Weed Myth #7 - Do Orange Hairs On Weed Get You High? 

As I pack any normal bowl of weed, I have two orange hairs to have to worry about. The stigmas from the bud itself, which are basically the little plant vaginas of the weed world...and the slightly less-vaginal hairs that come from this monster on my face.

So stigmas are stand/hair on the bud itself, which lead to the pistil (the true reproductive part of the plant)

It's odd, the stigma/pistils are SO important when it comes to cannabis pollination & breeding, but really hold almost no weight when it comes to consumption. 

Weed Myth #6 - Can Eating Ruin Your High? 

The age old question of "pre-sesh snacks, or eating once you've already got high?", Is one that every broke college student has had many a mental dilemma surrounding.

Eating food once you've smoked is what I assume to be the closest feeling to any hard drugs i'll ever experience, but you simultaneously don't want that mid-sesh snack to "blow your high".

or ya know, just do both

Weed Myth #5 - Does Eating Weed Get You High?

Browsing r/trees, at least once a week i'll come across a story of some (presumably 16 year old) stoner that talks about how they got HiGH AZ FUcK eating a few buds.

Placebo has always been something that intrigues the hell out of me...as it's literally our brains playing a game on itself. That is some Sci-Fi script level SCARY shit.

I already know the answer to this question, as i'm very well aware that decarboxylation exists...but for the sake of weed science... LETS EAT SOME WEED BOIS

Weed Myth #4 - Are Blunts STRONGER Than Joints?

"Blunts get me way higher than joints"

Do they really though? As this would mean if I chugged myself a couple beers before smoking a joint. I would technically get "higher", as it's a more intoxicated state than with just cannabis alone.. but it's just that, an intoxication off two substances instead of one alone.

Blunts are NICOTINE wraps (or nicotine leafs) for the most part. So this extra high is simply a nicotine potentiation. 

Be careful with blunts as a main form of consumption. Cannabis itself can be mentally addicting to some (as almost anything can be), but it's by no means physically addicting. This is NOT the case with tobacco though...as nicotine is as addictive as heroin. so by daily smoking blunts, i've seen people become actually addicted to tobacco entirely accidentally.

Weed Myth #3 - Do Mangoes Boost Your High?

Today...we talkin' TERPENES! These wonderful chemicals not only give our weed its flavor, but also potentiate our highs.

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret today though

When you go to a dispensary/dealer and ask anything along the lines of

"What would get me the highest?"
"Can I only see the high THC strains?"

or say

"Let me just get the dankest weed you have"
You've just received yourself one free pass to the boofy mids train.

As they basically just heard, "Please sell me the weed that no one else is buying" 

It's like eating a $3 Mcdonald's burger. Your brain is like..."I think this is a burger", and to someone who doesn't really know much about burgers, It even tastes like a burger! At what cost though? How many preservatives and other random things are you consuming to get that burger experience? 

In my opinion, the same analogy also applies to cheap weed. THC percentages are something people seem to be hyper focused on now-a-days FOR NO REASON. Drill this thought through your head, THC is one of 8 other major cannabinoids...so why should we act as if this is all that matters? 

The entourage effect is a beautiful thing my friends. Cannabinoids & terpenes alone are efficient, but lonely little fellas. Since they all potentiate each other...they want to work together to achieve the best effect! Synergism at it's finest. 

Myrcene (the cannabinoid found in mangoes, as well as cannabis) is actually a great example of this. Crazy enough, high levels of Myrcene actually prime your system to better help other cannabinoids cross your blood brain barrier.  What this means, is quality weed not only tastes better...but scientifically gets you higher.

Weed Myth #2 - Does Holding Hits Get You Higher?

This is one of those canna-myths that i'm sure everyone that's ever bought from your friendly neighborhood delivery botanist, or from a grower buddy has heard plenty..

"That weed is extra dank because it's purps",
"Nah, I only smoke grapes, it's all that gets me high",
or even
"See how it's purple? That's the strongest shit i've ever grown".

Lets learn about our wonderful friends Anthocyanins! Which in all honestly, sounds way more like something out of a Harry Potter book, than something cannabis related.. but is actually responsible for giving most purple/blue cannabis it's coloring.

I hate to be the party pooper to cache your bowl on these all too common pipe dreams, but purple weed is the same as green weed. The only true strong weed is that rainbow weed on Google.. Totally natural looking! I mean, 6ix9ine is the most natural looking human that has ever existed...or... been created? Right? No, for real.. It's like Facebook is churning out mumble rappers because you guys' zucced-a-little-too-much-berg this year... Thanks internet.. Just know, I'm blaming you specifically for this). So it only seems fit that Photoshop OG & the new growing tech we call, FaceTune yo weed holds about the same relevancy to potency, as the purple in your weed does.

Weed Myth #1 - Does Holding Hits Get You Higher?

If I had a dime bag for every time i've read the comment "BRuH u dont evEN HoLd ur hitZ" in my years of smoking weed on the internet? I'd be chain smoking joints the size of baseball bats.

WELL TODAY CLASS, We get to learn about tiny little sacs of air in our lungs that help us get high! They're called Alveoli.

So the big question: Do you have to hold your hits to get higher? 

 Not unless you're a fan of essentially suffocating yourself for no reason.                                                                                           The "high" you feel is called oxygen depravation and is NOT a healthy idea.